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Big Data

Why Healthcare is Adapting Big Data so Aggressively

Bigdata HealthcareHealthcare has always been rich for data generation. After all, it is the only industry having great amount of data. The volume and variety of data gave a thought to invent something that can manage these stuff. And than, Big data came into existence. It's not only big but a bigger – more than ever imagined. The evolution in data generation started from the smartphones. Applications empowered them to be used for all precautionary purpose right from pedometers, to calculate walk distance and calorie intake, to set a diet plan. A huge number of us are presently making best use of this innovation to help us live healthy life. Moreover, a flow of wearable gadgets have come up such as...


Hadoop: Next Gen Application Development Platform

Hadoop is the widely used and most popular technology for Big Data. The Apache Hadoop is basically Infrastructure software for storing and processing very big data Apache Open Source team manages this platform. Apache defines it as a framework that allows for the distributed processing of large data sets across clusters of computers using relatively simple programming models. The platform is highly scalable to accommodate from a few servers to thousands of machines that can do local computing and store enormous data. It is used by some of the leading web companies such as Yahoo, eBay, LinkedIn and Facebook. This platform gives a facility of handling data in large quantity and managing them in a very cost effective manner. To understand...



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