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Big Data

Personal Data – Tracked and Mined By Mobile Apps

While malware still remains to be a major concern for mobile devices a new study suggests that there are more severe threats lurking within your mobile apps. Data mining via intrusive mobile apps has become a topic of debate. There are a number of mobile apps that exhibit risky behavior when it comes to sharing personal information – that includes accessing user’s contacts, calendars, locations and more. The unwarranted data mining from apps is more of a threat to users than any malware. So, why should we care if any of the (seemingly innocent) app can access your contact list or look at your purchase history? You should care because this unprotected flow of user data over unprotected networks could...


Machine Learning – Future of Data analytics

Machine Learning – Future of Data analyticsHave you ever thought of how a machine can learn? I find it fascinating that today you can set rules and certainly provide enough historical data to a computer, which will get it trained to do a specific task. Based on the rules and thesis data, the machine can be programmed to learn how to do tasks so that we humans have no way of knowing what steps it is explicitly subscribing to get the job done. It is like the brain, you can not cut open and understand the inner workings.   Machine learning is a scientific discipline that addresses the question "How can we program systems to learn and automatically improve with experience?" Learning in this context is...


Trends and Technology adoption in Dairy Industry

In dairy industry, since last couple of years, there has been a significant rise in overall consumption of dairy products starting from milk, cheese to yogurt. Among these products milk is observed to be consumed as single content in a form of a beverage or as an ingredient. Additionally, consumers are becoming health conscious and so they prefer convenient options that can be part of their daily routine. Therefore it is very integral for industry to produce dairy products that deliver for these needs. Some of the emerging trends shaping the future of dairy industry are: Industry collaboration Digitization for product innovation Upgradation in global economics Implementation of advanced manufacturing processes and technologies Consumer demands for health conscious products The...


How wearables and data analytics can boost patient health?

How wearables and data analytics can boost patient healthThe arrival of wearables is increasingly becoming significant for any of the pharma requisitions. Everybody can say this is my data and this is my question. The insights, analytics, and visualizations help to boost patient health, improve outcomes, streamline manual processes and facilitate exploration of newer avenues in medical research and epidemiology. ANALYTICAL INSIGHTS OFFERED 1. Wearables can be employed for monitoring and gathering vital data pertaining to patients in real time as well as historic modes. 2. Cardiac health can be monitored by making the patient use wearable which will continuously collect and transmit data for comprehensive analysis in and off clinic. 3. Data from diverse segments of wearers can be aggregated for carrying out epidemiological studies. Healthcare analysts...



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