Benefits of contactless food delivery app

A lot of things have changes over the past 3 years. Since the end of 2019, the pandemic and its effects have been shattering. Many businesses had to adapt to a completely different mode of operation. Restaurants that heavily depend on the number of people that enter the doors – everyday, had to suddenly close down as people feared going out. All the customers were at home. So, some of the brightest ideas happen in the worst circumstances. When the customers couldn’t physically come and dine at these places, many restaurants moved to a more digital model. Food delivery saw the biggest rise over the past few years, even those who were not considering a ‘take away’ outlet, or a home delivery system quickly set up a way to do so.

Mobile apps have been the main facilitator for such a movement. Restaurants were able to send their menus, take orders and deliver them with the help of a contactless food delivery application. Well, now that the ‘endemic’ is nearing, again businesses are beginning to wonder what business model will work best. What will happen once the pandemic is over? Even though the restaurants have been running at half the capacity and fulfilling orders via mobile apps, these restaurants will need to think about the fact that some people still prefer the fine dining experience and some of them prefer the food delivered to their door step. Maintaining both the modes of operation will be the new normal.

There are a lot of benefits of developing a contactless food delivery app for restaurants:

  • Manage the restaurant with lesser staff – Staff accounts for one of the most significant components of the costs involved in running a restaurant. Especially during a crisis, the budgets are tight and the cost for hiring more staff can bleed your restaurant dry. Food delivery apps can help customers directly place orders via the app and this reduces the overall dependency on staff force.
  • Dine-in customers can be managed with minimal physical contact – While dining out, physical contact can be minimized with a mobile app. Customers can simply scan the order and pay for the food they purchase. Payments can be made directly through the customer’s phone.
  • Take aways with zero physical contact – For the safety of the restaurant staff and the customers, they can place orders directly through the app. Orders can be prepaid by customers and no manual intervention is required.

A mobile app has a number of features. The dine-in features include the ability for users to instantly place an order by scanning a QR code. Selecting the pickup option will help customers to simply take away the food they ordered. This makes contactless food ordering possible. The delivery app also includes features for rider management, the ability to make customer data available for analysis and GPS tracking too. You can also control the delivery radius, enable/disable pickup status, and customize the delivery charges all from the backend.

With all the features packed in a single delivery app, running a restaurant within the norms of the new normal will not only be sustainable, but also profitable for a restaurant business.


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