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How the Automotive Industry Use Internet of Things (IoT) Technology?

There is no way anyone could think of the Internet of Things (IoT) when thinking about the automotive industry. Usually, automobile manufacturers integrate technology at a far slower pace than other industries. With the recent innovations in IoT, however, the technological zeitgeist that promises safety, convenience, and customization, the automobile industry is fully poised to take advantage of this new age technology.

How the Automotive Industry Use Internet of Things (IoT) Technology

Here are some ways in which IoT provides solutions for the automotive industry:

As more automotive designers implement IoT into their designs, more and smarter cars are manufactured. Smart cars enabled with IoT are the latest trend in the automotive industry and let’s face it, there’s no slowing down. Statistics show that around 381 million smart cars will be connected with IoT devices by 2020.

Transportation in 2018 was driven by software – from apps that can predict traffic patterns in real time to guidance systems that can avoid accidents based on communication between vehicles, the IoT approach is completely revolutionizing how people get from one place to another. Automobile makers are now working hand in hand with software developers to create a transformation in the way thing work for the industry.

IoT is not only tied to the direct functioning of the vehicle. It can also act as a way of mitigating driver behavior. Auto insurance companies are also using IoT to monitor the driver’s habits. When IoT is integrated into transportation, third-party insurance companies can gain more insights about the driver – such as metrics as the time of the day when the vehicle was driven, distance traveled per day, speeding and braking habits etc. With this information, insurance companies can base their premiums off of the drivers’ habits. IoT also offers a more convenient way to drive.

IoT is revolutionizing the automotive industry and will definitely improve at least some aspects of our lives.


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