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How is AR Revolutionizing Advertising?

AR as we know it isn’t just about games. It goes far beyond gaming and entertainment. It has breathtaking prospects in many other industries too. Right from education, healthcare to construction, AR has now found its place in advertising too and will surely change the way traditional or digital advertising works. AR makes advertising interactive and allows marketers to reach out to customers in totally new ways.

How is AR Revolutionizing Advertising

Here are a few ways in which AR (Augmented Reality) is revolutionizing advertising:

AR advertisements create an emotional connection

AR (Augmented Reality) ads are more immersive which essentially means that they help marketers create an emotional connection with the audience. Unlike images or banners, (that are static), AR ads are more interactive and life-like. Customers can even interact with them. While interacting, customers feel like they are playing an engaging video game. This builds an emotional connect and encourages them to make purchases. It’s a great tool to increase brand awareness. People typically recall ads with positive associations.

It is money saving

Although digital ads are now a thing, traditional print ads are far from obsolete. But, placing ads in magazines could be rather expensive. AR advertising could be far more affordable and far more immersive than print advertising. The cost of AR ads varies according to quality, so be sure to understand pricing too.

It helps boost sales

AR ads help marketers increase sales volume. For example, virtual try-on for eCommerce stores or for try-on for sunglasses, etc.

Improves hyperlocal advertising

Digital ads use machine learning algorithms to analyze user behavior and interests and recommend the right products and services to people. AR ads offer marketers a better opportunity. Unlike traditional ads, AR ads are truly immersive and can show customers objects right on the customer’s smartphone. Customers are not only informed about the places of their interest but also guides you too.

AR is extremely useful in the advertising industry and can definitely create new opportunities for marketers to generate more leads and sales!


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