Augmented Reality

AR and its Enterprise Applications

Augmented reality is steadily gaining a foothold in enterprises across various industries. The fact is that although the costs of AR technologies are coming down, the capabilities are increasing. Once relegated to the realm of games and entertainment, AR is now very much a reality in the business world too. With AR poised to enter the mainstream, the time has come for AR applications to take their place in the enterprise mobile strategies.

In the simplest terms, AR applications associate real-world views with stored data, images and videos. The user is presented with an overlay of stored information over the real-life image.

The potential impact of AR in the business world is significant.


AR can be used in healthcare in many ways. Medical students can learn about the human body, consult doctors in different geographies and a surgeon will be able to see into a patient without actually opening them up.

Design and architecture

AR will definitely overcome a number of challenges for architects and designers. They can virtually get into space and then decide the objects that they would place there.


While running a massive warehouse or a shipping center, efficient work processes and safety of workers is of utmost importance. AR can help implement worker safety and maintain efficiency in the processes while quickly and safely moving to the right location or picking up an item, at which point the system can remove the item for inventory, then send the person and the item to the right place for packing and shipment.


Especially the factories that operate in different locations, AR could be used to employ technicians wearing the technology in each plant and the higher paid mechanical engineers to view and interact with the machinery from anywhere, anytime! AR headsets can also serve instructions and real-time data that essentially frees up workers to use both hands for the task at hand.


In the military, AR can be used from battlefield communication to enhanced situation awareness. AR will definitely play a crucial role in the military.


Consumers will gain access to high-end AR technology if AR is used in the services industry. AR will definitely improve the services and add efficiency to the entire process.

Although it is not a new concept anymore, AR is also not so mature yet. We are still in the early stages but will definitely change the way businesses work in the near future.


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