Artificial Intelligence

What is AI and How Deep Learning help to grow business

AI (Artificial intelligence) is making machines intelligent that can perform cognitive tasks like humans and even more efficient than humans with the help of complex computer programming and enormous data fed to get an optimal solution for the problem. Though AI came into existence since 1956, but due to lack of data and technology could not become a reality.

Now proceeding further, there are two subsets of AI, Machine learning, and Deep learning. Machine learning gives computers the ability to learn without being explicitly programmed. Deep learning is a subset of machine learning, where deep artificial neural networks work as human brains and have networks capable of learning – unsupervised, from data that is unstructured or unlabeled.

Let us see how deep learning can help to grow business.

Implementing deep learning can be advantageous in many ways. Consider any following needs of your business be it:

• Interviews and Training: The trained human brains can take better interviews considering the company’s requirement without discrimination and partiality and can train employees for future utilization.

• Time consumption: Humans get tired and need time for refreshments. In the minimum time frame, maximum work can be done through deep learning. The pace at which the machine works is quicker than humans, without break or rest. Hence less time consumed.

• Accuracy: A large amount of data fed and information from the web can provide flawless results whereas humans tend to make silly mistakes easily.

• Customer service: Software robots now also can understand human sentiments which can lead to a quality response to valuable customers of your company which helps to retain present customers and gains prospective customers. If we talk about humans, sometimes due to stress or mood swings fails to give good services to customers.

• Innovations: Like humans, these robots can efficiently think about innovative products and lead towards the development of the company.

• Maintenance: Humans repair machines and things when it is damaged or stops functioning. But with the help of deep learning damaged machines/things are detected before time. So, it can get repaired in advance which can boost the company’s performance.

• Security: Depending on past experience and the company’s informative data software automation can detect frauds instantly which humans may not do every time.

Deep learning can save time, power and cost and perform better than humans in each aspect that can make any company grow not only double but up to ten times more. Deep learning is the future of business and will definitely change how most of the businesses have traditionally operated.


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