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Advantages of hiring Full-Stack Developers

Things were simpler a decade ago, when developers specialized in one specific layer of the stack. Today, the industry is more dynamic and numerous now frameworks and services emerge all the time. Developers who have the ability to work with a number of technologies to provide complete solutions to businesses are called as full stack developers. Individual developers or an agency can work with all kinds of software tools that can create a unique code for a client. They are proficient in JavaScript, HTML, PHP, CSS etc and have the experience and knowledge to work these into the site design. They can do both – control how the site looks as well as how it functions!

Here are some of the advantages of hiring full stack developers

  • A full stack developer can easily switch between the front end development and backend development based on the project requirements. It’s a big time and cost saver as you can get things done from just one person.
  • The developer can design the entire structure and can work on any level required. As the developer is aware of the coding and the design, he can review the site from time to time and prevent any slip ups that come up during development.
  • Instead of hiring a separate front end and backend developer, you can save costs by hiring one professional who can do both.
  • A full stack developer takes complete ownership of the project from design to implementation.
  • The developer is able to go to the root of the problem – focusing on solutions as they have an all round knowledge of the technology that is applied for development.

Full stack development is less about expertise and more about the breadth of knowing how the different elements of development interact with each other and come together to form a complete product or solution for a particular business.

If you are a young startup or a larger business looking for a one stop web solution for your business, hiring a full stack developer could be your best bet in today’s ever changing world of technology!


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