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5 features to expect in Android 7.0 Nougat update

Android 7.0 Nougat is coming with lot many minor features and enhancements by 2017. Among these, the features that makes a major difference in terms of user-friendliness are listed here.

Split-screen mode

Nougat releases the split-screen mode which has always been the hottest topic around the talk town.

Split-screen works in portrait as well as and landscape mode. When in portrait mode the two displaying ‘windows’ are re-sizable. In landscape mode there is a fit screen of 50/50 width split, which does not allow to resize the window.


The first app will get lock over top window and you can select other app from the app tray. Therefore, the app which you want less likely to change should be set in first place and the other in second place.

Recent apps

The menu for recent apps holds a little change in it. The app outline is now larger with trimmed list which replaced the Marshmallow’s endless list. The long-unused apps are automatically closed from the list.


Nougat also have clear all button at the top of app deck so you can clear up all at a time. Moreover, the features like Quick Settings mini-toggles, camera shortcuts and the quick app switching are real time savers.

Notification Preference

Long-press a notification to access its priority settings. Dismiss notifications with a swipe and set the display of information on the lock screen. There is also a separate section of sound settings for notification. The choices you have in this sound settings are, show notifications silently; block all notifications; don’t silence or block.

Quick Reply

The notifications area in Nougat has received a makeover. More information in less space which is exactly desirable feature from a notification. Likewise, bundled notifications and Quick Reply are useful for saving time and making the navigation easy.

New Emoji

There’s 72 new emoji which includes various skin tones. The wallpaper picker allows you to set an image as a wallpaper for home screen and lock screen. Perhaps, you can now pin your favorite apps to the top of the share picker with just a long-press.


You can still pin apps to your screen, define which apps open particular types of links and manage individual app permissions.


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