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March 2019

How IOT will change the Transportation paradigm?

How IOT will change the Transportation paradigm?IoT has the ability to connect over 200 billion devices by 2020. Even today around 96% of the companies have chosen to invest in IoT and have already seen the benefits. Public transportation can benefit from IoT to make it more efficient, safer as well as offer a more pleasant ride for commuters and could also introduce certain financial savings too. Creating a more efficient public transportation system IoT connected trains could display arrivals and departures and give passengers enough time to plan their commute. When trains and buses are connected with technology, it gives us more data for analysis that can be aggregated to implement predictive analysis. Managers can receive alerts whenever the vehicle is due for maintenance. Rather...


How MLS Feeds Benefit Real Estate Industry?

How MLS Feeds Benefit Real Estate Industry?Today’s businesses are all conducted in a data-driven ecosystem. The businesses that truly succeed are those that can harness this data and channelize it in the right direction. MLS or multiple listings service is a database and software used by real estate brokers, representing sellers under a listing contract to share the information about properties with other brokers who may represent potential buyers or wish to work with the seller’s broker to help the buyer for the property asset. The listing data stored in a multiple listing service’s databases is the proprietary information of the broker who has obtained a listing agreement with a property’s seller. So, how does it aid the real estate industry? The main benefit of MLS...


Unity is the ultimate answer to all mobile game Developers

Unity is the ultimate answer to all mobile game DevelopersIt’s evident with the number of gaming apps being churned out daily – worldwide, that Unity is the answer to all mobile games development requirements. It enables you to create an interactive, graphics-intensive game with mind-blowing features and options easily. Here’s why Unity is becoming the preferred choice for gaming studios: 1. Unity is free to use. It offers you the features to develop games with high-end features like sound channel, feature playback, 3D composition, booster etc. It allows developers to create full version games without having to purchase an upgrade or anything. 2. It offers support for multiple platforms including iOS, Android, Mac, PCs, and Steam etc. 3. It offers access to the asset store. The asset store provides...


Solar Companies Adapting Technology Trends to boost customer savings

Solar Companies Adapting Technology Trends to boost customer savingsThis era of digitalization offers immense opportunities and many industries are adapting to the new tech trends. The question then arises for solar companies. How can solar companies make the most of these opportunities in digitization? How can digitization be a driver for more and more solar deployments and how can these digital trends help create new solar business models? The advent of technologies such as big data analytics, internet of things and robotics as well as blockchain will definitely influence the emergence of new solar business models while offering improvements to existing models to make them more profitable. The rise of smart buildings and smart building technologies has been a major driver in boosting customer savings. Looking ahead, solar...



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