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Start Up Gaming Companies need to know why UNITY?

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Startup companies that are looking at growing in the gaming space need to pick the right tools for development. Tools that will enable rapid development with a quicker go to market strategy. Of all the frameworks that have been used for games development, Unity 3D has been widely adopted by those who are just starting out as well as by those who are pros.

Start Up Gaming Companies need to know why UNITY

Especially if you are a startup, here’s what you need to know about using Unity for your gaming development projects:

Has an all in one editor: Unity 3D has an inbuilt powerful and easy to use an editor that is a complete package in itself. It is loaded with features and is extremely flexible to enable developers to get creative with the games they develop. It has a play mode for testing the code immediately. It also has storytelling tools and enlightens powered global illumination. Other great features include advanced memory profiling, re-targetable animations and a lot of new options for games development.

It’s cross-platform: Being cross-platform, you are not bound to a single platform, making it a great choice for those starting out. It saves time, resources and of course money! It is a powerful platform and can be used to develop games across all the major platforms such as mobile, console, desktop and TV and AR as well as VR.

Play Mode: The play mode enables you to preview your game within the tool itself and it’s one of the finest tools for speedy unvarying redaction. Once you press play, you can find all the misfunctions and bugs instantly without having to wait for a separate process for testing and feedback

Features to develop multiplayer games: It is a powerful tool to create real-time- networked games. These games are quick to implement and extremely customizable. They can also be scaled as the players and features are improved.

Unity 3D is definitely one tool to take a look at if you are a startup trying to make it big in the gaming space.

Gaming Solutions

How Unity Can help you build the perfect gaming ecosystem

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Unity is a game engine that is used to create video games that can be released on multiple platforms that include computers, consoles, and mobile phones. Unity is also a great engine for working with the most popular VR platforms such as Oculus Rift and Google Cardboard. It helps game developers in handling the 3D rendering, sound and the physics of the video game. The good thing about Unity is that the developer has to code just once and with a few modifications, it can be deployed on all the screens possible.

How Unity Can help you build the perfect gaming ecosystem

Unity is also advantageous to publishers and advertisers. Ever since its launch in 2005, the game engine has gained a lot of momentum and is very popular due to its low price subscription model. Unity today has more than 5 million registered developers that have published more than 200K games.

Here’s why Unity can help you build the perfect gaming ecosystem:

  • It’s cross-platform: Unity does not confine you to any single platform. It can be rendered to be used on platforms such as mobile, console, desktop, TV, AR, VR or the web.
  • All in one editor: Unity 3D has a powerful and easy to use the editor. It’s a complete package in itself. Unity has features that are highly flexible and diverse. It has play mode, storytelling tools, enlighten-powered real global illumination, advanced memory profiling, retarget-able animations and a whole lot of exciting features that aid in the game development process.
  • Play Mode: One of the best tools for rapid and iterative editing is Play Mode. The play mode takes you instantly inside the game and previews it – so that you can instantly test your code. You can correct the bugs immediately if any of the functionality is not working as expected.
  • Multiplayer: Unity is one of the simplest platforms to create real-time, networked games. These are also called as multiplayer games. It is also easy to implement and easily customizable too.
  • Unity Analytics: Unity has built-in analytics which can be found in the editor. You can discover insights about your game that you can use to make changes and improvements wherever necessary.

With all these awesome features, Unity can definitely help you build a perfect gaming ecosystem.

Augmented Reality

How AR will help Real Estate Industry to grow?

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Augmented Reality has become popular technologies that are gaining traction in almost every industry. Some of the real estate agencies have already made use of this modern technology create refreshing and interactive demonstrations about their properties right to people’s mobile screens. Even though AR is just at the start of its path, augmented reality in real estate is already providing serious business opportunities. It has gained value as a marketing method and the tool encourages clients into conversations and in turn purchases. AR is beneficial to both real estate agents as well as customers.

How AR will help Real Estate Industry to grow

So, how does augmented reality aid real estate business?

  • AR offers excellent ways to provide visualization of their catalog. Plain text descriptions say very little about the property to the buyers. Photographs can put up a better show and give a realistic picture. 3D models are still better than images but can still be lacking in offering a complete presentation. Visiting the site could be too time-consuming and tiring!
  • Augmented Reality tools and AR mobile apps help combat all the above issues and enable you to experience the property like you would on-site. Without leaving the office, you can browse, compare and analyze various properties.
  • New marketing options: AR presents new opportunities in marketing for the real estate industry. AR is more interactive with features like geotags to locate items and to help customers discover themselves. Animated contact us options and call to actions give a better experience.
  • AR gives a clear understanding of the property as it gives a clear visualization of the property. You can accurately visualize large buildings and agents can show apartments to clients by adjusting the style, furniture, surroundings etc.
  • It offers better engagement so that customers get more interested and more involved to buy. One has a better chance of dealing with engaged potential customers and turning them into real ones.
  • Most real estate customers love to visit the property themselves before making a final decision. AR helps reduce exploratory visits to the site.

AR will definitely help the Real Estate industry to greatly improve customer experiences and ultimately progress in a positive direction.

Digital Transformation

Digital Transformation can leverage heavy saving for Energy Companies & Customers

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Technologies such as AI (Artificial Intelligence) and IoT (Internet of Things), machine learning and big data have seeped through all the industry verticals and today even energy companies are leveraging through savings and greater efficiency.

Digital Transformation can leverage heavy saving for Energy Companies & Customers

Some of the benefits of digital transformation in the energy sector are faster and better decision making, reduced risk due to real-time enabled support and the greatest risk for companies that do not adopt digital investments is to become uncompetitive.

Digital transformation could mean heavy savings for energy companies. Here’s how:

  • Digital capabilities boost operational excellence and help improve profitability to bring about more productive operations.
  • Advanced analytics together with empowered operational data delivers actionable insights using the data generated by IoT and structured as well as unstructured data that is accumulated over decades.
  • With cognitive intelligence, productivity is improved by leveraging digital assistants and BOTS.
  • Safety can be greatly improved as computer vision can be used to track risks and identify hazardous locations.
  • IoT and machine learning also help in driving unparalleled asset performance. Predictive decisions help maintain assets in a timely manner. Maintenance ahead of failure brings dramatic value in sustaining production and reducing downtime. It helps allocate resources efficiently and hence cut costs too.
  • Intelligent cloud helps streamline experiences and improve productivity due to a more connected and empowered workforce.
  • It provides the workforce tools and insights needed to work more productively as there is more integration across different processes and optimize the tasks carried out.
  • With proper insights, critical processes can be re-engineered to drive more accountability.
  • Process risks can be mitigated and safety can be induced. Intelligent cloud here again plays a major role in improving and empowering threat detection, containment and response.

With digital transformation proliferating into every major industrial sector, Energy companies are taking advantage of the same to improve productivity, predictability, and efficiency.