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Advantages of using MEAN stack over LAMP stack for developing apps

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MEAN stack is a technology that provides full stack Javascript solution that helps you build fast, robust and easily maintainable web applications using MongoDB, ExpressJS, AngularJS, and NodeJS. MEAN stack is more modern and challenging than LAMP stack. It offers flexibility and lots of features for building single and multi-page web applications.


M – MongoDB – cross-platform document-oriented database classified as a no-SQL database.

E – ExpressJS – Express is a minimal and flexible node.js web application framework that provides a robust set of features for building multipage and hybrid web applications.

A – AngularJS is an open source framework maintained by Google. The framework’s goal is to augment browser-based applications with Model View Controller capability that makes both the development as well as the testing easy.

N – NodeJS is a platform built on Chrome’s JavaScript and is used in runtime for easily building fast, scalable network applications. It uses an event-driven non-blocking model that makes lightweight and efficient real-time applications that can run on distributed devices.

Advantages of MEANS stack over LAMP include:

  • Isomorphic coding – this enables running a code written in one framework on other frameworks without too many alterations to the original code.

  • Uses JSON everywhere – AngularJs, as well as NodeJs, uses JSON (Javascript Object Notation) – the MEAN stack uses JSON as the format for data-interchange on all the layers. This means that there is no need to use libraries for converting data during a client side and server side interaction.

  • Open source and cloud compatible – MEAN stack technologies are open source and are available for free. This reduces the overall development costs.

  • MEAN stack is more cost-effective than LAMP stack and the company does not have to hire resources expert in different specialties such as MySQL, PHP, etc.

  • MEAN technologies have faster speed and usability, as NodeJS is quick and has a non-blocking architecture and angularJS, is open source and provides maintenance, testability, and reusability.

  • MEAN stack permits users to transfer between different frameworks effortlessly and makes web apps more flexible to code.

  • It is fast and simple and easy to switch between client and server.

  • It has an infinite set of module libraries for NodeJS that are ready to use and gives you more time to polish your projects and build world-class applications.

Above all, it is a full stack, javascript web application framework and enables you to create modern, responsive, dynamic web apps in a simple way.

Artificial Intelligence

AI for Marketing & Sales: Your Friendly Chat Bot

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One of the most recent buzzworthy technologies has been machine learning. AI and machine learning have completely changed the way people interact with businesses in the most simplistic ways – chatbots. Chatbots are a boon to businesses as they supplement human customer service requirements and help boost sales. These are typically the chat boxes that are seen on the bottom right corner of the screens to interact with website visitors and address some of the basic queries.

Chatbots are rules-based programs that respond to certain words and phrases with preprogrammed answers. Especially for customer service, they are capable of gathering some basic information.

Advanced chatbots use machine learning to create a more authentic and personalized user experience for users. These programs are advanced and can make more informed and less robotic decisions. They have the ability to consider language, context and past interactions before they provide an answer.

For marketing Chatbots can:

  • Create new responses to inputs that weren’t originally programmed, using past data to draw new conclusions.

  • They can be programmed to give customers a friendly greeting like ‘hello’. If the user types a word or phrase that wasn’t originally programmed, it can analyze the phrase and determine another appropriate greeting.

  • Chatbots can improve customer relations by delivering high-quality services that users can access without having to wait.

  • Chatbots are used to increase lead generation and for performing marketing activities, conversational surveys, schedule reservations and even provide users with quotes and pricing details.

  • Some chatbots even help customers find the right products – instead of browsing products on a website. Users can tell the chatbot what they are looking for and the chatbots can return the results to users with the relevant products.

  • Some customer service chatbots can handle hundreds of service requests that companies get. These bots can tackle almost any service call from start to finish by providing information, tracking deliveries and performing automated changes to orders.

Chatbots are becoming one of the niche channels to convert, activate and engage clients. They are becoming more and more natural ways to feed clients with information or even include a call to action in order to close the deal. They could be your next friendly marketing execs!