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March 2018

10 mobile app mistakes to avoid

Developing a mobile app takes a lot of flexibility and focus. There are just too many trends out there to follow and pay attention to – or disregard. The bottom line is, if your app does not appeal to your customer base, it may not even be worth your efforts. It’s easy to make mistakes. Be aware of the most common mistakes of mobile apps development and avoid them to build a great app: Including Too Much Brands tend to include everything that they have on the website into a mobile app. However, mobile apps require experiences that allow users to quickly accomplish a task that might take a really long time on a website. It’s crucial that businesses identify...


Define your purpose before you go digital

With consumers and businesses being constantly online, there’s no doubt that a big part of your marketing strategies is focused on digital marketing. But, when you are looking at growing your business, the sheer options that are available are overwhelming. There’s already so much to do – so, how should businesses maintain an agile digital strategy which is just enough to help them grow, but not too much to create chaos? To begin with, you must have a strategy that focuses on achieving your desired goal. Depending on the scale of your business, you might chalk out multiple goals too. It’s important to define the purpose of going digital before you dive in. Here are a few things to think...



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