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December 2017

Risks Associated with Implementing IoT

IoT has the potential to empower businesses and create opportunities to develop new services and products that will offer increased convenience and satisfaction for end users and customers. IoT is beneficial not only for the individual user but also for enterprises. Enterprise mobility management is one of the examples of the impact of IoT devices.  There are a number of implementations of IoT, however, despite the opportunities, there are also a number of risks involved. Any device that can be connected via the internet has an embedded operating system deployed in its firmware and vulnerabilities are present in virtually all of them. Similar threats will likely proliferate among IoT devices as they catch on. Enterprises must be aware of these...


Challenges of Testing Mobile Apps

With the rapid proliferation of mobile devices in the market, a whole new set of challenges have been introduced in the world of mobile application testing. Mobile users download apps and expect to use them in a certain way – finding an issue out in the wild might mean – leaving the app for good! It’s imperative for mobile apps and websites to be rock solid before they are released for final implementation. Here are the most common challenges faced by the mobile application testers today: Multitude Mobile Devices There are millions of mobile devices in the market, ranging from handsets to smartphones to tabs to iPads and wearable tech devices. Mobile applications need to be compatible with such diverse...


Want to build highly interactive game? Unity 3D is the answer

Fewer efforts and greater productivity – that’s why cross-platform tools are becoming popular among developers. Well, building apps and especially games have been greatly simplified with Unity 3D, a commercially available multi-platform game engine used for the production of 2d and 3D video games as well as non-game interactive simulations and visualizations. This platform is known to have a combination of power, flexibility, and ease of use that makes it so popular among the developer community. Here’s how Unity 3D is the answer to building highly interactive games: Unity supports all the relevant features for the integration of different social media platform SDKs. With the graphical editor it is very easy to design and layout unity scenes, insert objects, scripts,...


AI is becoming the Company’s New User Interface UI

Moving beyond being a backend tool, AI is taking on more sophisticated roles within technology interfaces. Today, AI (Artificial Intelligence) is poised to enable companies to improve the experience and outcome for every critical interaction. AI already plays a number of roles throughout the user experience. It extensively uses machine learning to guide user actions towards the best outcomes. It is not only capable of curating certain tasks and acts based on experiences, but also learn from every interaction and help suggest and complete new tasks. These sophisticated, yet intelligent experiences are a result of interactions that are simple and clear. This means that more and more businesses have started viewing AI as more than just a technological tool and...



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