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What are Bots? Are you acquainted to it by now?

After IoT, it seems the wave is heading towards the Bot technology. They are the future of software, one by one all the IT giants tightens their belts. The race is on - Microsoft, Facebook, Google, Oracle, and many others have started to build platforms, tools and services for bots. Early adopters explored its development tools, bot hosting, and marketing tools to initiate the development. Enterprises who were sick of performance of mobile app against its costs, started exploring bots. The research led them to the conclusion about its remarkable difference to their business. Marketers are now interested in this new technology. Media outlets and tech magazines started mentioning about it. This market has received enough attention and its progress is...


10 Simple Facts you Need to Know about Nomulus TLD Registry Platform

Recently, Google has released Nomulus TLD registry platform developed in Java powering Google’s own .google and .foo top level domains. Nomulus is Google's latest inclusion into open-source software, which holds cloud-based service for operating TLDs.  What are the other features that Nomulus hold? Learn about 10 simple facts about Nomulus which you need to know: Nomulus runs on Google App Engine and is backed by Google Cloud Datastore, a highly scalable NoSQL database. The code of Nomulus is available in Java and released under the Apache 2.0 license. Also, it uses Google App Engine to run domain registry service and is powered by Google Cloud Datastore. Although Google’s Nomulus is as an open source offering, it requires Google Cloud Platform which is...


Globe-trot the Google Earth in Virtual Reality Mode

A supreme power is now in your hands. Get ready to fly around the destinations on rise, global landmarks or treasures of nature. Google Earth VR has launched for the HTC Vive on the Steam Store. This app allows users to explore any corner of the world at utmost comfort. Such invention provides a God like experience, a sense of freedom to reach any favorite destination across a planet. Forget the limitations now and fly like a bird. Experience the coastlines, architectures, monuments, trek on mountains reaching its peak or the surface of earth. As per report, Earth VR is for HTC Vive only, as of now, although VR Apps product manager Mike Podwal says Google is “actively exploring support...


How are the New Web Designs Pondering the Sale?

A glance at a picture is enough to convey ten pages words – Right? A natural human behavior is to remember pictures than written words. The impact of image memories create a long lasting effect. Hence, they possess great recall value while using this concept in designing a website. Driving sales through website in the niche market is a tricky task. Web design has a bearing on the way you entice prospects into subscribing for your services. This makes it imperative to keep track of trending designs and adapt popular themes. Web designs are in a state of flux. This section sheds light on latest trends that are making headlines. Responsive web design – has gotten numerous dimensions with vivid UI...



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