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XR (Extended Reality) Your New Shop

Extended Reality essentially includes all the environments created for human and machine interactions that combine the real and virtual worlds. These are generally generated by computer technology and wearables. It usually includes various forms such as Augmented reality (AR), Virtual Reality (VR) and Augmented Virtuality (AV). It is a superset which includes the entire spectrum from the complete real to the complete virtual. Its connotation lies in the extension of human experiences especially relating to the senses of existence and acquisition of cognition. The levels of virtuality range from partially sensory inputs to immersive virtuality, also called VR. With the continuous development in human–computer interactions, this connotation is still evolving. Let’s get clarity on everything that XR includes: Augmented Reality...


Entitling your business with React JavaScript

ReactJs has created such hype among the developers due to its distinct features and numerous technical advantages. Developers are always on a look out for a framework or a tool that will speed up their development process – without compromising on the quality of the final product. React offers developers with exactly this. Interactive user interfaces are tedious and tricky to build. In order to build a web app or a mobile app, the developer requires creating interfaces that easily engage the customers and can help generate enough interest in your products and services. ReactJS offers developers with a framework to create interactive apps and improve customer satisfaction as well as boost business growth. It’s the trendiest new framework in...


How Data Science and R boost the business analytical model

Building a model for statistical analysis was a daunting task – playing around with C and C++ and painstakingly building a lengthy program. Even if one thing goes wrong, you would have to pull the whole thing down or start all over – a truly crushing realization. Thankfully, in the world of technology, things move quickly and in the world of statistical analysis, things have moved faster. It’s now possible to create a system for analyzing data that’s constantly adapting, evolving and improving. One of the best ways to do that is with R.   So, what exactly is R? R is a programming language with rich features and can be used for all kinds of data science, statistics and...


Personal Data – Tracked and mined by mobile apps

While malware still remains to be a major concern for mobile devices a new study suggests that there are more severe threats lurking within your mobile apps. Data mining via intrusive mobile apps has become a topic of debate. There are a number of mobile apps that exhibit risky behavior when it comes to sharing personal information – that includes accessing user’s contacts, calendars, locations and more. The unwarranted data mining from apps is more of a threat to users than any malware. So, why should we care if any of the (seemingly innocent) app can access your contact list or look at your purchase history? You should care because, this unprotected flow of user data over unprotected networks could...



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