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5 Areas where ChatBots will behave like humans

From the dawn of the information age, we have been relying on technology to tackle and automate the most routine yet complex tasks. Another promising entry into this area is a Chatbot. Chatbot is a name for a robot that simulates human conversation. These bots are poised to be the center of a great paradigm shift in how we use technology and all that it has to offer. Just a few years ago, web browsers were the only access point to the internet, today apps have followed - and very soon, bots could be our primary digital gateway. Well, chatbots are not a completely new concept – Apple’s Siri and Microsoft’s Cortana are powered by bots and have been around...


Do you need Agile development for your Product development?

Today’s dynamic businesses can no longer rely on the traditional, lengthy product development life cycles to get a first glance at their products. Quick iterations of fully functioning products have become an imperative and so has constant communication between businesses and developers so that changes can be incorporated into the next phase of development. Although the waterfall model has been successfully implemented for decades, modern businesses require more agility in development. The Agile methodology follows an iterative approach to product development usually performed in a collaborative environment. This approach is especially beneficial in a business scenario where the stake holder's requirements are constantly changing. In this method, every product development begins with a ‘backlog’ which is essentially a list of...


Benefits of 3D Printing in Healthcare

Benefits of 3D Printing in Healthcare 3D printing is an additive manufacturing process where a digital model is turned into a solid three dimensional physical object by adding materials layer by layer. The most advanced and exciting applications of 3D printing can be found in the world of healthcare and medicine where it is used to replicate complex organs that sustain our bodies. For example, with this technology, it’s now possible to print an outer ear from hydrogel, human cells and silver nano particles which looks and operates exactly like a human ear. Another striking example of this technology is the ability to print human skin which could be highly beneficial for burn victims and for those suffering from some...


Offshore mobile development – where will you go?

The competition is fierce - and going mobile is no longer an ‘option’ to be considered – it’s almost become a mandate for businesses who wish to stay at the forefront. Mobile apps give businesses an edge over the others and help them interact and engage with their customers in a better way -anywhere, anytime. As more and more businesses go mobile, the demand of mobile application development keeps increasing exponentially. So, if you have decided to take the plunge and create a mobile app for your business, considering offshore mobile development should be your first option. Well, but why offshore development? And where will you go? Why offshore mobile development? Offshore development has its own advantages. Outsourcing today is...



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