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Home Security and IoT

The rise in awareness of IoT and the desire to have a smart home has had a significant impact on the way people include technology in home security today. IoT used in home innovation and security allows people to control their lights, locks, heating, radios and camera security from their phones. You can monitor just about anything from anywhere in the world! So, what does this mean for home owners? It really means that as technology continues to take over, there will be one time when the home security will be tight enough and there will be a massive drop in break ins – even attempts to break in for that matter. IoT makes a lot of things possible in...


This JS or that JS

JavaScript is one of the core web technologies used today, and most of the modern web browsers support it. Alongside HTML and CSS it powers a number of websites that require modern features required by today’s businesses. JavaScript has evolved over decades and today has so many adaptations that it could be overwhelming to select one that is best suited for your business requirements. Here are some of the most common JS tools that you could use to make your website just right: Angular JS Maintained by Google, AngularJS is basically a JavaScript based open source front end web application framework used to address many of the challenges encountered in developing single-page applications. It is a complete toolset that is...


Ionic as a Cross Platform Tool

Cross platform tools that build hybrid mobile apps have become a very attractive proposition for businesses. You can write the code for the application in pervasive, open - standards - based web languages, and can be deployed on any smart device. The core of such apps is a shared code base that brings efficiency to the development and maintenance of the apps and the code. Ionic, a complete open source SDK for HTML 5 mobile app development framework is targeted at building such hybrid mobile apps that are essentially run over web browsers – but unlike web apps have the ability to access the native platform layer too. Largely different from a responsive framework, Ionic comes with a native styled...


Importance of Security in the Mobile and IoT World

This era of internet of things (IoT) has made it possible for us to use technology in ways we never imagined before! As digitally connected devices encroach in all aspects of our lives, such as homes, offices, cars and other appliances, one cannot stop but think – do all these interconnected devices expose our personal and business information in some way? Data travelling through the cloud and via thousands of interconnected devices may have a weak link or some kind of exploitable vulnerability. The mobile world with interconnected devices is becoming a very attractive playground for hackers and cybercriminals. Simple access and security are hence the two pillars that help these devices to easily connect and stay secure. Gartner predicts...



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