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Data or Analysis? What’s crucial in Data Analytics?

Due to the number of ways in which we access and connect to the internet, data collection and storage is also increasingly becoming a challenge. Today, more and more data is created, accessed and stored than ever before. However, this overwhelming amount of data is of no particular use - unless it is ‘analyzed’ and certain meaningful trends are uncovered. Further, this analysis should be able to provide actionable intelligence for businesses to truly realize its value. Data Analytics does exactly this. It is basically the discovery of patterns and trends gleaned from your data. The idea is that you need to be able to digest this massive amount of data that is generated and organize that data in a...


Robotics in the near Future

With technology seeping into every aspect of our lives, it’s becoming evident that computers, robots, machines and algorithms are going to have the ability to do most of our routine jobs. Machine learning makes a lot of unimaginable things possible. The robotic industry has grown exponentially for the past few years, and today, we stand at the edge of a robotic revolution. In fact we are now in the second machine age where robots have the ability to take on mental as well as physical work. They have the ability to substitute jobs – not merely complement them. Collaborative robots can work directly with people and interact with them. Well, drones are already popular and big companies like Amazon also...


Home Security and IoT

The rise in awareness of IoT and the desire to have a smart home has had a significant impact on the way people include technology in home security today. IoT used in home innovation and security allows people to control their lights, locks, heating, radios and camera security from their phones. You can monitor just about anything from anywhere in the world! So, what does this mean for home owners? It really means that as technology continues to take over, there will be one time when the home security will be tight enough and there will be a massive drop in break ins – even attempts to break in for that matter. IoT makes a lot of things possible in...


This JS or that JS

JavaScript is one of the core web technologies used today, and most of the modern web browsers support it. Alongside HTML and CSS it powers a number of websites that require modern features required by today’s businesses. JavaScript has evolved over decades and today has so many adaptations that it could be overwhelming to select one that is best suited for your business requirements. Here are some of the most common JS tools that you could use to make your website just right: Angular JS Maintained by Google, AngularJS is basically a JavaScript based open source front end web application framework used to address many of the challenges encountered in developing single-page applications. It is a complete toolset that is...



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