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Smart City addressing the Parking issues

Car ParkingSearching for available parking is a common source of frustration for motorists. Aimlessly driving around, competing for parking is a waste of both time and fuel. In an era of seemingly endless technological developments, it’s logical to assume that there must be a better way. Now there is. Capable of delivering real time parking guidance for visitors, the new wireless sensor system solves this problem. Once installed, it creates a network of wireless vehicle detection sensors that detect occupancy at each individual parking spot so that information can be relayed to drivers. This clever parking technology delivers benefits such as better traffic flow, reduced pollution, and last but not least, reduced frustration for drivers. Optimize on-street parking in cities In many...


IoT Connected Devices Prone to Cyber-attacks?

Analytics_IoTThere is no doubt about Internet of things lowering down expenses and increasing overall productivity of businesses these days. However, researchers claim about its challenges regarding the authenticity in maintaining data security and its high chances of breaches. The judgement to this is proved to be right with the massive cyber-attack happened to major websites such as Amazon, Twitter and Spotify on 21st Oct 2016. Cybersecurity experts are yet not sure whether the reason behind this is IoT or something else. The IoT boom has spurge companies to connect more and more devices without giving a second thought. According to a BI Intelligence report, there will be roughly 24 billion IoT devices connected to the internet by 2020. The more adoption...


Enterprise Mobility: Are you aware what challenges it brings?

shutterstock_126777980Mobile solutions has always been a progressive genre. It definitely brings significant productivity. However, enterprise mobility is still grappling with some challenges. These must be overcome to ensure streamlined implementation of this amazing technology. Security Direct app installation in personal devices pose security ad compliance problems that endanger integrity of sensitive corporate information Access to personally identifiable information on corporate networks from endpoints can cause serious security breaches Mobile data access Haphazard storage of company data on multitude of workstations causes problem in accessing entire array of info under one roof while on the go Ensuring security, consistency and fortification of networks and mobile devices from which data is being accessed by multiple workforce Offering immunity to wearable devices from...


Apple Watch Series 2 – Should you Buy?

Featured_ImageThe Apple Watch Series 2 is now available in market. It comes up with cool features like brighter screen, faster processor, built-in GPS and waterproofing. A serious fitness tracker to make a note of your all activity more efficiently. You must be thinking whether to buy a new series 2 or upgrade the first version. Well, it totally depends upon your use.  The fitness tracker can not only be with you during running, cycling and workout but now also when you go for your swimming. Along with this the major addition in Apple watch series 2 is its built in GPS. Earlier, Apple watch dint have this feature.   Moreover, the experience is more refined and enjoyable this time. If...



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