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Drones to become the vogue soon

As technology continues to influence our lives with new and interesting automations – one cannot stop but think about how the ever evolving drone ecosystem will impact the way we work. In very simple terms, a drone is like a flying robot that can be either remotely controlled or can fly autonomously via software controlled flight plans in their embedded systems that work in sync with the on board sensors and GPS. In a technological context, a drone is an unmanned aircraft or is more formally known as an unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV). Initially, drones were used where human interactions were risky. One of the best examples where drones were used was in the military – for aircraft target practice...


Cognitive Systems and Machine Learning is the future

It’s time to end the man vs. machine hype and embrace a new era of cognitive systems that actually strengthen this relationship. Cognitive systems are not competitors –in fact, they will never replace human thinking - although it is true that they are inspired by the way human brains think and reason. Well, this technology is poised to solve a number of perennial problems of the world. To begin with, let’s understand a few things. Most of today’s programmable systems are based on ‘rules’ that enable them to read through the available data, and follow predetermined processes to arrive at a final ‘result’ or ‘outcome’. Although these systems are powerful and complex, they are pretty deterministic and work well only...


Virtual Reality will take over Sporting events and Concerts

Just a few years ago, the idea of creating a virtual or simulated environment that seemed life-like was an outlandish concept. However, today, the growth of virtual reality is guaranteed to have a transformational influence – especially in the live entertainment industry such as sporting events and concerts. The main reason is that it offers a distinctive experience, far beyond attending the event ‘live’. To put it simply, virtual reality is the creation (or re-creation) of a virtual environment that is presented to our senses in such a way that we can experience it as if we were really there. Three dimensional images are created that have the ability to change as the person moves around their environment. Here are...


5 Areas where ChatBots will behave like humans

From the dawn of the information age, we have been relying on technology to tackle and automate the most routine yet complex tasks. Another promising entry into this area is a Chatbot. Chatbot is a name for a robot that simulates human conversation. These bots are poised to be the center of a great paradigm shift in how we use technology and all that it has to offer. Just a few years ago, web browsers were the only access point to the internet, today apps have followed - and very soon, bots could be our primary digital gateway. Well, chatbots are not a completely new concept – Apple’s Siri and Microsoft’s Cortana are powered by bots and have been around...



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