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Custom Mobile Apps and the Enterprise

While the enterprise mobile application market is still nascent, it is quite clear that it is a critical factor for success from both – the customer’s perspective as well as for the employees. Many enterprises consider mobile strategy at the top of their priority list. Yet, many a times it is unclear to enterprises whether they should create a mobile app from scratch, use an app that requires customization, or purchase an app “off the shelf” from an app store. Here’s why a custom mobile app for enterprises is the better option: The complexities Managing custom mobile applications sometimes introduces complexities in the organization even if the app is being built for a selected number of platforms. The major problem...


AR and its Enterprise Applications

Augmented reality is steadily gaining a foothold in enterprises across various industries. The fact is that although the costs of AR technologies are coming down, the capabilities are increasing. Once relegated to the realm of games and entertainment, AR is now very much a reality in the business world too. With AR poised to enter the mainstream, the time has come for AR applications to take their place in the enterprise mobile strategies. In the simplest terms, AR applications associate real world views with stored data, images and videos. The user is presented with an overlay of stored information over the real life image. The potential impact of AR in the business world is significant. Healthcare AR can be used...


Benefits of Javascript for your Project

Known as one of the most simple, versatile and effective languages; Javascript is used to extend and enhance the functionality of your websites. It uses a range of on screen visual effects for processing and calculating data on web pages with ease. It also has the ability to use third party scripts to add many handy features to make your website look and function uniquely. Above all, Javascript is a dynamic language and is the foundation of nearly all the interactive frontend programming.   Let’s take a look at some of the advantages of Javascript for your project: Executed on the client side The Javascript code is executed on the user’s processor, rather than the web server. This is particularly...


Will HR work die by Chatbots coming

The invasion of chatbots in HR has triggered a lot of debates about the foreseeable future of the HR work. Will HR work completely die? Will the future of Human Resources be completely taken over by the Chatbots? And lots more… Well, in simple terms, a Chatbot is a computer program that is designed to simulate conversation with human users, especially over the Internet. They come in various forms and could designed to be as simple or as sophisticated as required. In whatever form they are used, they are becoming wildly popular by taking up the repetitive, mundane tasks that take up a lot of time and efforts. Chatbots can make a difference in the way things work in the...



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