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Building trust and confidence with “Responsible AI”

AI is poised to become the defining technology of our age. As humans and machines engage, collaborate and interact more closely, AI offers transformational possibilities for customers, businesses and society as a whole. Many industries are already utilizing AI in some form or the other. But, artificial intelligence needs both robust governance and a new operating model. At the heart of the opportunity for businesses is the ability to turn data into intellectual property and add value by providing solutions for most of the issues facing modern society. As machines continue to assume many tasks that were otherwise dependent on human efforts, the human race looks forward to a future where all technology applications will incorporate some or the other...


Bitcoin and the changing face of World Economy

Digital money such as Bitcoin has the potential to expand the world of international commerce, support finances and completely transform how we shop, save and conduct business. From programmable money to many new forms of ecommerce, here are a few ways in which this new technology will change the economical landscape. Bank transfers will be faster and cheaper The way banks work and the way money is moved today will change dramatically with the introduction of bitcoin technology. Using digital currency, bank transfers could be made instantly and without too much cost. These kinds of transfers are a lot safer too. Protocols that support transfer of funds from one currency to another using a secure digital ledger are also a...


How Data Analytics is Disrupting the Business model?

Along with the other technology forces such as social media, mobile, cloud and unified communications – big data brings with it new opportunities for learning about customers and their requirements. The rise of big data is an exciting opportunity for businesses and brings a potential for disruption and realignment. Organizations that embrace big data have strategic opportunities for differentiation and those who don’t are truly missing out. A number of new business models are emerging – using three main approaches. The first one uses data to create differentiated offerings, the second one involves brokering this information and the third one is all about building networks to deliver data where it is needed – at the right time.Big data brings new...


Risks Associated with Implementing IoT

IoT has the potential to empower businesses and create opportunities to develop new services and products that will offer increase convenience and satisfaction for end users and customers. IoT is beneficial not only for individual user, but also for enterprises. Enterprise mobility management is one of the examples of the impact of IoT devices.  There are a number of implementations of Iot, however, despite the opportunities there are also a number of risks involved. Any device that can be connected via internet has an embedded operating system deployed in its firmware and vulnerabilities are present in virtually all of them. Similar threats will likely proliferate among IoT devices as they catch on. Enterprises must be aware of these issues and...



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