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Advantages of hiring Full-Stack Developers

Things were simpler a decade ago, when developers specialized in one specific layer of the stack. Today, the industry is more dynamic and numerous now frameworks and services emerge all the time. Developers who have the ability to work with a number of technologies to provide complete solutions to businesses are called as full stack developers. Individual developers or an agency can work with all kinds of software tools that can create a unique code for a client. They are proficient in JavaScript, HTML, PHP, CSS etc and have the experience and knowledge to work these into the site design. They can do both – control how the site looks as well as how it functions! Here are some of...


Apple iOS Development using Swift

Objective C or Swift has been a subject of heated discussion for the past couple of years. Swift is a universal, powerful programming language created by Apple as an alternative to Objective C. It was officially released in 2014 and has become the most sought after programming language for iOS development ever since. So, why choose Swift for your new iOS development project? Swift apps are fast From the very beginning, Apple has positioned swift as a lightweight programming language that is fast and the name speaks for itself. Studies show that swift is more than 2.6 times faster than Objective C. When it comes to a customer facing application even a small difference in speed makes a big difference...


How does UX matter for Mobile Apps?

The mobile application you create must strike a chord with your users. The two main elements that can be used to achieve this are the UX and the UI. What is UX and how does it impact your business? User Experience involves a person's behaviors, attitude and emotions while using a particular product or application. In order to design a successful user experience, you need to take the time to ensure that every button on the screen is placed exactly where it should be or exactly where the user expects it to be. This allows the user's muscle memory to naturally figure out – how to proceed through the app – logically without too much thought. Another aspect of a...


Security on Mobile Devices

As more and more businesses use smartphones to communicate, organizations need to plan and restrict the usage and compartmentalize it into private use and business use. Smartphones use the organization’s information systems and are hence a source of new risk. They collect and compile increasing amount of sensitive data and must be controlled to protect both the privacy of the user as well as the intellectual property of the company.  Typical enterprise protections such as isolated enterprise sandboxes and the ability to remotely wipe a device may fail to mitigate the challenges that are associated with the complex mobile information systems that are in existence today. Threats are divided into two broad categories, primarily focused upon mobile applications and software,...



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