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Trends and Technology adoption in Dairy Industry

dairyIn dairy industry, since last couple of years, there has been a significant rise in overall consumption of dairy products starting from milk, cheese to yogurt. Among these products milk is observed to be consumed as single content in a form of a beverage or as an ingredient. Additionally, consumers are becoming health conscious and so they prefer convenient options that can be part of their daily routine. Therefore it is very integral for industry to produce dairy products that deliver for these needs. Some of the emerging trends shaping the future of dairy industry are: Industry collaboration Digitization for product innovation Upgradation in global economics Implementation of advanced manufacturing processes and technologies Consumer demands for health conscious products The...


Pokemon Go- Will it Support Google Cardboard in Near Future?

pokemongo-300The world is going crazy with the launch of augmented reality's killer app - 'Pokemon Go' since a week. Will it be killing further as virtual reality app too? The adoption rate is quite high and therefore the launch of this app have been limited to three countries. Fans have discovered an interesting mention of Google Cardboard within the app. Settings>>Licenses - The details of software that developer Niantic used is listed in this section as “The following Open Source Software and 3rd Party Libraries went in to the making of Pokemon Go.” He started itself with Google Cardboard. It is a bit surprising as the expectation of this app increases to support a low-end headset in the app? Why...


How Retailers can Enhance the In-Store Experience

shopping blogInternet of things is continuously spreading its worth across industries. Among these industries retail has not been far from being aware about the technology. The IoT buzz in retail has now become a roar, due to its quick implementation among most of the smart enterprises. Just as the name 'Internet of Things' itself contains 'things', retail industry holds the great privilege to take the most benefit out of it. These things involve manufacturers, distributors, retailers to end customers. A huge amount of data is generated from these sources. With the help of IoT sensors and other devices, information can be captured in real time and salesperson to inventory manager.   Data Driven Approach The intake of data from the attached...


Apple makes a smarter move with iOS 10

iOS-10-ImagesAt Apple's 2016 WWDC, iPhone maker lifted the lid and announced its latest update iOS 10. The operating system includes major updates related to apps, services, and features, which includes Photos, Maps, News, Apple Pay, Control Center, and more. Let's take a look to the features unveiled - 1. Enhanced Lockscreen Craig Federighi initiated the demo with the first update of its intuitive lockscreen. The text message as well as live status updates of apps can directly be accessed through lockscreen.   2. Siri SDK Siri would be available for developers now which is biggest update in history. With this user can directly talk to Siri addressing the in-built apps and it will perform the exact action. 3. Quick Typing...



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